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Palo Santo

Palo Santo, meaning the "holy wood" is your route to say goodbye to negative energy and hello to tranquility.

The Palo Santo wood has been burnt for centuries by indigenous healers in South America for the purpose of purification and clearing of negative energy. It truly is a balm for the spirit as the clarifying smoke operates on a physical, emotion and spiritual level.

Apart from this, it is a natural remedy for better health - an immune enhancer, detoxifier, anti stress and a natural sleep sedative.

As the calm emotions settle in, the smoke from the Palo Santo restores the tranquility around you.

How to use:

> Light a match

> Hold the palo santo stick at a 45 degree angle to light

> Keep it lit for about 10 seconds and shake to blow out the fire

> Place it in a fireproof container, like an abalone shell and enjoy the fragrence and benefits.