Incense - An ancient tradition of fragrance and connection with the divine

The use of incense goes a long way back to ancient times when fragrant herbs and spices were burnt for their fragrance and abilities to cleanse and purify spaces of worship and homes.

Some of the main ingredients that were used for this purpose were from the plant kingdom such as frankincense, myrrh, guggal, copal, cinnamon etc and over a period of times, the master herbalists began mixing and blending these ingredients according to the season, the specific use and also based on the astrological movement of the planets.

Today's modern world has an array of choices for fragrance, like sprays, aromatherapy, Reed diffusers, oil diffusers, etc, however, the old traditional way of using these ingredients in the form of an incense or resin mix to burn on charcoal still is as popular. In fact, the traditional methods are gaining more popularity again for its simplicity.

Incense sticks are the most common, although there are 2 ways these are made. One of the common ways is to have unscented incense sticks mostly made with charcoal powder and usually black in color, and dip them in synthetic oils. Although some of them smell great but leave a funny smell at the end of the burn time and they are toxic too as the synthetic oils used are often very low grade.

The other method is the old masala method, where a mix of spice powder, resin powder, dried flowers, jiggat powder, and oils are used and then this dough is hand-rolled on a bamboo stick. This is more time consuming to make but well worth the effort as these smell much better, are more natural, and leave a lingering scent behind.

The fragrance has the power to alter the energy of the space in a few minutes. Any fragrance reminds us of a past memory, always, either from a vacation, childhood, food, garden, mountains, grandparents, etc. The sense of smell being one of our strongest senses, if we use it wisely, it has the ability to enhance one's energy, alter one's mood, and deal with emotions.

Some of the virtues of using incense are:

  • It brings you back to the present moment.

  • It purifies mind and body

  • It brings a moment of peace and serenity

  • It is a link in the chain of your spiritual energy

  • It creates a fragrant ambiance in your space

Even just 1 stick of incense, has the ability to uplift your mood

The Laughing Buddhaa incense was created as an experiment of my own to make the best possible scent experience. We use natural raw materials, resins, barks, essential oils, natural wood powders, herbs, flowers, and spices. 

Our incense is clean-burning, lasts for approximately 45 mins, and definitely leaves a lingering pleasant fragrance behind.

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