Diwali - A festival of Illumination, Cleansing & Community

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

This month brings forth the popular Diwali festival of Indian culture a festival which is symbolic of lights, candles, incense, fireworks, and celebrations. As a symbol of “ Good defeating evil” The homes and streets of Indian communities around the world illuminate with light, children running around with sparklers and bursting crackers, delicious sweets being passes to neighbors and community members & leading to Diwali a whole of cleaning.


Diwali is a festival where the triumph of good over evil is celebrated. Apart from the triumph of good over evil, this festival is also about connecting to the light within each of us that exists but sometimes dormant for many people.

As we evolve in our own journey, we realize the magnitude of possibilities in this lifetime and if we are able to connect to the light within, our journey becomes much more in tune with our thoughts and emotions and how we want to live life.

With every morning, we receive light from nature which is imperative to our existence. During Diwali, light is celebrated abundantly as a symbol of Light over Darkness, Good Over Evil. This Light is very necessary for us beings, as it shows us the way forward in life. Darkness is also needed in this world to balance our ecosystem, hence Diwali is a celebration of Light.

Products to Illuminate your house and spiritual spaces :


A real flame is the purest form of the element of fire, a cleansing and illuminating phenomena in its own right. We strongly believe in the power of a flame as electronic devices may never be able to replicate the warmth, glow, and fluidity of a real flame. Burning Diyas (An Indian method of cotton thread immersed in a flammable medium such as ghee or oil) & candles are encouraged during Diwali to ward off any dark energies that may present themselves, according to culture.

Candle Holders:

Modern apartment living may not allow us to burn open candles for the reasons of safety etc. Alternatively, candle holders allow us to burn simple and functional tea lights and illuminate our spaces in a contemporary fashion.

Salt Lamps:

A beautiful and natural method of illumination with the benefits of diffusing salt in the atmosphere and promoting a cleaner atmosphere. Furthermore, Salt lamps have a beautiful orange hue that is calming to the eyes and ensures a sense of well-being in a space.


In the days leading up to Diwali, most Indians begin the whole cleaning process of the house which in actuality, is very much like a space clearing process energetically. When you clear clutter, clean up space, and decorate it with candles, lights, incense, etc the whole energy of a space shift in a positive direction. Let's look at a cleaning process on an energetic level in 2 examples.

1) When you take your car for a car wash, do you feel the pleasure of driving the car is enhanced after a simple clean up? You may notice it just feels nicer, a very subtle form of space clearing.

2) When we clean our home, cupboards, cabinets, floors, give the walls a fresh coat of paint, etc, the home energy feels completely new and fresh.

Question is, why do we do this mostly only during festivals?  The house is very much a living being, it gives us comfort, nurtures us and our relationships, provides safety and security, then why not we treat our house as a living being and take good care of it. On a basic level, there are many times when we visit someone's home, even though it may be very small or simple, one feels very comfortable and good and sometimes we could be visiting a very large luxurious home, yet we may not feel as good and comfortable. The house is enhanced by the interiors however the energy in the house comes through the energy of its inhabitants as well as energy through these cleansing processes.

The main entrance to your home is the pathway of energy into your home. Keep it always clean, well lit, and fragranced.

When we visit a luxury hotel, we may notice that they place in their lobby, just near the main entrance, usually a large round table with fresh flowers and candles, this is pretty much a common sight, however, this is the first thing you see as soon as you enter the hotel lobby and its always a pleasant sight. In today's time, not many people use fresh flowers in their home, but if you do, you will enjoy their fragrance in your house. Alternately, you can use essential aromatic oils in an oil diffuser and enjoy the fragrances in your space.

The ideal cleansing fragrances are from herbs and plants like sage, frankincense, myrrh, juniper, camphor, benzoin, etc. Some of these can be burnt directly in an abalone shell or ceramic bowl, and some of them require hot charcoal, and when the resins are placed on this hot charcoal the fragrance and is released. Since ancient times, incense is also used as an offering to the divine and also to burn for cleansing a space and bringing in more positive energy.

The ideal steps to cleansing a space would be as follows,

 1)  First clear your clutter, this step alone begins to shift the energy of a space, sometimes this also brings up old memories and emotions as we generally have many attachments to the stuff we keep at home, could be a gift from a loved one or something that is from your childhood, or you bought it whilst on a vacation, etc. In these times we need to strive to live simpler so one must learn to let go, at least of things that are not needed in our life.

2) The actual cleaning process, washing the floors, painting the walls, etc. A good idea is to pour a few drops of a good quality essential or fragrance oil in the water that's used to mop the floors or use a good room spray for your space.

3) They say if you don't have time to spend in nature, then bring nature into your home. Bring in fresh flowers, open the windows to let fresh air come in, The flowers bring freshness and beautiful color to your space. Even just putting 2 stems of tuberose, will give you fragrance for a minimum of 3/4 days and it is money very well spent.

4) Smudge your home, with sage and herbs, or put some pieces of good quality camphor on an oil burner or burn frankincense on charcoal. The smoke is also a cleanser, remember, smoke always moves upwards, and the ancient people said, the smoke carries your wish to heaven.

Products we recommend:

Like these there are some more elements that you can bring into your home, such as sound, play some feel-good music, we all know a good peppy tone can shift our mood instantly. You can include the water element through a  small fountain, or you can place a salt lamp in a corner of your living room, these salt when heated up through the bulb releases negative ions that enhance and purify your space and also brings warmth feeling around it. 

Crystals are also a great way to bring in the earth element, Candleholders and lamps made from crystals such as amethyst, rose quartz, selenite, agate, zeolites bring with it a very unique glow and energy in your space.

Above all, think of each day as a celebration, as a triumph of good over evil, or rather as a triumph over our own challenges with discipline, dedication, positive thoughts, focus, and meditation.


With Diwali being a festival, visiting family and friends is encouraged and often taking a gift of either sweets or ornaments is well received.

At Motion Trading, we want to make it easier for you by sharing some of our recommendations when you visit your friends & family and celebrate with them with specially curated products that will enlighten your Diwali.

  • Scented candles: Our hand-poured scented candles are made out of pure soy wax and offers an out of this world experience. In addition to the scent, the candles mark illumination and drive off all the dark energies.

  • Diwali Gift Bundle: The combo includes a scented candle and our signature Laughing Buddha Incense which is a perfect gift hamper for your family & friends

  • Self-care Gift Kit: Why not gift someone positivity. A specially curated product for the occasion that is used for cleansing and driving off all the negative energies. The kit includes Sage bundle, Palo santo, Abalone shell, frankincense cones, and a lot of positive energy.

May the year forward be filled with an abundance of light in areas you need them most, Happy Diwali