Angel Card Reading Q&A with Nathalie

Updated: Mar 11

What are angel cards?

Angel cards belong to the group of cards more properly known as Oracle cards and unlike Tarot cards, Angel cards can vary in number within a pack, and can be completely fluid in design, with a wide range of messages on the cards - but the basic principle is that the Angel or Archangel depicted brings an uplifting and positive message of hope based upon their particular area of 'expertise' or oversight. This is based upon the Ancient Greek idea of an Oracle or Seer, an actual wise man or woman whom people would consult to receive guidance about their daily lives and dilemmas - the Oracle or Seer would, in turn, consult the Spirit world or the Gods (ascended beings) for guidance on behalf of the person in need.

Your background and how angel cards became a part of your life?

Throughout my life, I have always felt connected to a higher force. For a number of years, I was searching for answers through different spiritual modalities until I experienced angel healing and felt this to be my path.

In my teenage years, I wasn’t as connected as I am today. A life-changing incident was a sign for me to connect at a deeper level. One night 3 of my friends and I planned to go for a party and I kept hearing a voice telling me not to get into the car. I ignored the voice of caution and went along with my friends. As we were driving uphill towards a mountainous area, we faced the driver of a lorry coming downhill. The lorry was approaching us at a high speed. My friend driving the car got scared and steered the car resulting in us tumbling down the hill whilst still in the car. It was a huge drop and we landed at the bottom of the hill. The car had flipped 180 degrees and was on its side. At this point, I woke up in the car seeing the floor outside of the car. Without any human intervention like fire brigade or police that one

would normally expect given the severity of the accident, the car was subject to an unknown strong force and moved the car back to its original parked position. Surprisingly we were all unharmed without a single scratch, bruise or injuries. This to me was the angel protection that came my way as I had ignored the voice trying to stop me from getting into the car. Since this incident, I started connecting and listening to the guidance I receive on a daily basis.

The car accident made me aware of the intuition and guidance I receive. From here on I went on to explore different spiritual modalities over the years. It was in 2016 when I attended an angel healing session that resonated with me and urged me to take this path. I studied and got certified as an Angel Cards reader and healer from Doreen Virtue and other spiritual teachers.

Why Angel cards over Tarot cards?

I love working with angel cards because unlike the tarot they don’t predict the future. Instead, they accurately reflect on what’s going on in a client’s life and gives people the chance to make their own decision through loving guidance which is very empowering.

Angel cards access the energies of angelic beings to deliver spiritual messages in form of love, care and protection. Angel readings often bring revelations which are spiritually uplifting and positive. When clients come to me for a reading they are often at a crossroads in their life or trying to move forward in some area.

How do you prepare for a card reading session?

To prepare for reading I use an angelic technique to cleanse the space, myself, the cards and the client. I then shield myself and my client for protection. To still my mind I hold the cards to my heart and ask the Angels to communicate the message they have for the client clearly through the cards. I usually have crystals, scented candles a and angel symbols around the space. The reading can emphasis on a particular question that the client might have or be a general reading.

Can beginners use Angel cards?

Yes, of course, and because the messages on them are always positive and uplifting, they are safe even to use with young people. If you want to get to know your Angel cards and start to feel the influence of the angels in your daily life, I recommend that once a day, you set a question in your mind that you would like Angel to help with, then shuffle your pack, spread it out (face down) and then choose the card you are most drawn to. Take time to think about how the message on it a

applies to your question - and then act upon it! As I've often said, we need to remember to ask Angels for help as they won't interfere with free will but are literally queuing up to offer you help if you ask for it - so go ahead! Motion Trading has an excellent collection of both Angel & Tarot cards that you must check out.

Nathalie & Motion Trading are hosting a free 10 mins Angel card reading session, details below:

Event Details:

Where: Motion Trading - Al Quoz Dubai

Dates: 2nd & 3rd Dec 2020

Time: 12 pm - 3 pm

Contact: 04 396 9647 or DM us on our Instagram

We recommend booking a time slot in advance

About Nathalie:

Nathalie is the founder of HigherLOVE based out of Dubai who is a Certified angel cards reader & angelic healer

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